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Production technology of silica gel key

Publish: 2021-12-20 09:16:56 Update: 2021-12-20 09:40:32 View: 2117
Silicone key is a very common product. It has a wide range of uses and large consumption. Most silicone products factories have produced such products. However, ordinary silica gel keys can no longer meet the needs of customers, so the silica gel product factory has introduced a variety of processes for upgrading.

Production technology of silica gel key

1. Screen printing

Silk screen printing is a cheap printing technology, which can print character patterns on the plane. Silicone key characters are mainly printed by this method.

2. Glue dropping

In addition to household daily use, silica gel keys will also be used in various engineering instruments. In the process of use, characters are easy to be corroded by sweat and rain, resulting in obscurity. Dropping glue can avoid this situation, and the characters will not fade under the protection of resin.

3. Fuel injection

Silicone keys are in direct contact with human hands. Oil injection can enhance the hand feel and improve the user experience. Ink can be selected according to different needs, including hand feel oil, bright oil and wear-resistant PU ink, which can basically meet the needs of most customers.

4. Radium carving

Some electronic products need to be used at night and in dark conditions. The radium carved silica gel button will carve a light transmission hole on the button. The problem of identifying the button at night can be solved with a patch lamp, and the appearance of the button will be more beautiful.

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